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Tangible Learning Toys for fun learning experience.

A Complete Solution of Kids Home Learning

Todpoles merges traditional learning tools with innovative technology, actively engaging children in the learning process.

Toto, your Bear Friend Currently has learned English Alphabets. He will learn Hindi and Maths Skills soon. Early Bird customers will get Special Deals on Toto's Skill Upgrade, App Content and More.


Games that make learning new letters words fun for kids. Play games with TOTO, your AI bear friend. Answer questions he asks. Play anywhere, Any time NO NEED OF SPECIAL SETUP.


Todpoles App has 150+ different kind of stories for your kids story hunger. Bedtime Stories, Moral Stories, Fables and more. Never run out of stories to tell your kids.


Kids love Todpoles App Fun Scratch-able flashcards. Helps in learning New words in a very fun way.Learn about 20+ topics like birds, Animals, Vegetables Senses and more.


100 Free printable worksheets for kids writing. Just Print and Practise writing with these fun engaging worksheets. Print, Share , Have Fun.

Learning By Playing




Age 2 - 4

Age 4 - 6

Age 6 - 8

*App for Maths and Hindi Coming Soon.

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